Enteroquinol Facts and Why is it SAFE if consumed PROPERLY


Are you on a quest to find whether Entero Quinol is safe for you and your loved ones or not? And are you also puzzled by the fact that it is banned in many developed countries, yet it is easily available everywhere in India and many other developing countries?

Well, you can relax now as your search ends right here because I’ll try my best to help you by providing you with all the information you ever wanted about this drug which contains 250mg of Quiniodochlor. After going through the information on this page, you’ll be easily able to make an informed decision.

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. The Research on Entero Quinol’s Safety and Risks
3. Conclusion, Safe Dosage and other Precautions
4. Healing the Diarrhoea Without Medication
5. The Reason Behind All of this Research
6. Alternative Medicines to Enteroquinol


I am a citizen of India and have created this website to provide the most truthful facts about a controversial tablet, “Entero Quinol” manufactured by East India Pharmaceuticals Works Ltd.

(Note: Even though this website is focused on the drug “Entero Quinol”, the information provided on all pages is true for all medicines from other brands and generic medicines that have 250mg Quiniodochlor.)

It is a commonly found drug, which can be obtained from most chemists and pharmacies for treating diarrhoea or loose motion.

Note: It is a Schedule H drug and should be sold by retail on the prescription of a Registered Medical Practitioner only yet most of the chemists and pharmacies sell it without any prescription.

Cost as of May 2014: ₹16.09 (inclusive of all taxes) for a strip of 20 tablets.
Expiry: 48 months or 4 years.

Entero Quinol Tablet Strip of 20 Tablets
Entero Quinol Tablet Strip of 20 Tablets

If you have Googled about Entero Quinol and found a list of banned drugs or have received a message or e-mail which contains a list of banned drugs “around the world” and still in sale in India, it also lists Entero Quinol. Here’s an example excerpted from one such list:


Reason for ban : Damage to sight.
Brand name : Enteroquinol.

Such messages have spread like wildfire and even more after the famous actor Aamir Khan’s show, Satyamev Jayate, targeted the corrupt practices of doctors and pharmaceutical companies in India.


After a lot of research and going through a lot of websites, I finally found out the reason for this ban in a book, to be precise,  page 452 of Essentials of Pharmacology for Dentistry by K. D. Tripathi. You can preview the page on Google Books, here’s the link and below it is a screenshot of it’s text (with the important paragraphs marked with red coloured borders):


Enteroquinol Side Effects
Enteroquinol Side Effects

After finding this information that I have mentioned above, I researched more on the 1960s and 1970s Japanese situation and here’s what I found on the Wikipedia page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clioquinol, about the epidemic in Japan:

Clioquinol’s use as an antiprotozoal drug has been restricted or discontinued in some countries due to an event in Japan where over 10,000 people developed SMON(subacute myelo-optic neuropathy) between 1957 and 1970. The drug was used widely in many countries before and after the SMON event without similar reports. As yet, no explanation exists as to why it produced this reaction, and some researchers have questioned whether clioquinol was the causative agent in the disease, noting that the drug had been used for 20 years prior to the epidemic without incident, and that the SMON cases began to reduce in number prior to the discontinuation of the drug. Theories suggested have included improper dosing, the permitted use of the drug for extended periods of time, and dosing which did not consider the smaller average stature of Japanese; however a dose dependant relationship between SMON development and clioquinol use was never found, suggesting the interaction of another compound. Researchers have also suggested the SMON epidemic could have been due to a viral infection with an Inoue-Melnick virus.

Thus we can conclude that there isn’t any proven conclusion that the contents of Entero Quinol were responsible for the SMON(subacute myelo-optic neuropathy) of the 10s of thousands of Japanese people in the 1960s.

On further research, I found a website which helped me more as it tells us the proper dosage and the harmful dosage:


An excerpt from the above link:

SAFETY PROFILE :The use of these drug, especially at doses exceeding 2gm per day for long periods, is unfortunately associated with significant risk. Due to the un-certainty about the development of subacute myeloopticneuropathy (SMON) the use of these agents is always warranted for the treatment of intestinal amoebiasis.

It is clearly mentioned above that one needs to consume 2gm i.e. 2,000mg of Entero Quinol for many days for the severe side effects. The tablet is of just 250 mg and is advised to be taken twice or thrice for 2-3 days, thus, it isn’t banned in India as it is prescribed in safe doses!


I concluded from all of this research that it is safe to consume 4 to 6 tablets of Entero Quinol daily for 2 to 5 days for adults.

After this research, I obtained a strip of Entero Quinol (a three year old strip lying in the medicine bag) and found a few interesting things written on it which could have helped me know before hand (and save me from more than an hour of research) that it’s main risk was optic nerve damage!

Here’s a close-up shot of the warning written on the strip:

Warning on Entero Quinol Tablet Strip about Optic Nerve Damage: "Relatively prolonged and uninterrupted treatment with halogenated hydroxyquinoline derivatives used in high dosage for more than 14 days has been reported to cause peripheral neuritis and damage to optic nerves in isolated cases."
Warning on Entero Quinol Tablet Strip about Optic Nerve Damage:
“Relatively prolonged and uninterrupted treatment with halogenated hydroxyquinoline derivatives used in high dosage for more than 14 days has been reported to cause peripheral neuritis and damage to optic nerves in isolated cases.”

“Relatively prolonged and uninterrupted treatment with halogenated hydroxyquinoline derivatives used in high dosage for more than 14 days has been reported to cause peripheral neuritis and damage to optic nerves in isolated cases” reads the warning.

The safe dosage of Entero Quinol (as mentioned on the tablet strip and on medical websites) is 500 mg (2 tablets of 250 mg) thrice daily or as directed by the physicians.

NOTE: I found during my research that doctors have recommended not to consume Entero Quinol during pregnancy, if you are pregnant or you feel you may be pregnant then contact your doctor for a safe alternative.
And I also found in the book link given above that it is banned for pediatric use in India so consult your doctor when treating children. Research about “Loperamide” too, as an alternative to Enteroquinol.

After using Entero Quinol for a few days, if the diarrhoea doesn’t stop, you should immediately get a stool test and a few blood tests (advised by your doctor) done. This will result in a proper diagnosis.


Many people who believe in the power of self healing or want to use safer home remedies rather than medication like Entero Quinol which always carries some risks, here’s a great website that I found to be the best for treating your diarrhoea yourself, and also for obtaining knowledge more knowledge about it, do read it till then end:


The Reason Behind All of This Research

I am a strong believer in the power of self healing by positive thoughts. It has been more than two years since I took any antibiotics, I have healed sore throats, throat infections and fevers using only my brain and thoughts. If you would like to get started on the journey of self-healing, one of the best book is by an American Chiropractor Dr. Joe Dispenza, “You are The Placebo”, it’s on sale now on Amazon.in, 39% off:

Or Alternatively, you can have a look at it’s Audiobook, but that’s on the US website:

I would definitely recommend you to invest the ₹275 on this book and save Doctor’s fee for the rest of your life. TRUST ME, I have healed everything at home since the last two years, but don’t do that if it’s something serious, but if you read his book, you will always be healthy and fit. This book was added to the website in July 2015, I found it last year after making this blog, now here’s my story:

One day, in the first week of May 2014, I consumed Pao Bhaaji and Gol Gappe (Paani Puri) at a relative’s home in Mathura, India. Most of the ingredients were made at home but the Paav of Paav Bhaaji and Puri of Gol Gappe were bought from the local market. Which I now believe were made and kept in very unhygienic conditions at the shop. Diarrhoea started right from the next day of consuming them and went on for 2-3 weeks and I am still in the process of healing and recovering while I write this article!

I had understood by now that there was some bug in the food which now resided in my tummy and the body was reacting by flushing out whatever I ate. This was a self-diagnosis after all the research on trusted medical websites, which I don’t recommend to everyone!

I had found out that as medicines like Entero Quinol are banned in developed countries, many people let their bodies heal by themselves by sticking to a strict diet of foods like Banana, Rice, Curd, Apple (preferably stewed) and Toast. I too started following it, and didn’t wanna consume Entero Quinol as at that time I only knew that it is banned in developed countries and neither the reason why it banned there and nor the reason why it isn’t banned in India!


(This content was added on 2nd August 2015)
On one of my recent trips to the Unites States of America, I was in a supermarket and while looking for something I reached the shelf containing medicines, and I saw Loperamide (Link to Wikipedia). And I remembered about my site, Enteroquinol.com, that I can suggest this an an alternative to Enterquinol, as Loperamide is considered safer and is selling in developed countries, unlike Enteroquinol. It is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines, a list of the most important medication needed in a basic health system. Even though I have written in Conclusion above that Enteroquinol is safe, but if you want to try an alternative, or if you are pregnant, you can discuss with your doctor, or research online, about Loperamide.

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    1. Thank you everyone who is commenting on this article, I am deeply touched by all the positive responses I am getting about how this website helped you and your loved ones. Your responses keep me motivated in helping others! I may not be able to respond to each and every comment, but I do go through each and every comment, so please do leave your response below! :-)
      Thanks once again! :-)

  1. Thanks. Most grateful for removing my nagging doubt.

    I am sure that the efficacy of Entero Quinol far outweighs the scare that has been created by the ban. My own doc failed to explain that the dosage and period for which he had prescribed the drug (250 mg* 3times/day for 3 or 4 days = 3 gms) was far below the threshold of risk

  2. Thank you for all the efforts that went into writing this piece. It was a very helpful in making the decision on wheather to take that drug or not. However, I did not see any mention of use of this drug by lactating mothers. But due to prohibited paediatric use, I avoided using it. Thanks once again.

    1. Hi, thanks a lot for your kind words, I have updated this article to add an alternative, Loperamide, during my research I found that it is a bit safer than Enteroquinol, but I feel all such medicines should be avoided until it is unavoidable to take them.

  3. Agree with you….with the Internet and easier availability of information we can supplement the doctor’s knowledge when it comes to our own health.

    I have always found enteroquinol quite effective for the last 40 years. In fact, I suffered from Dysentry for almost 11 months passing blood in the stool and the doctor (in 1967) continued to prescribe Enteroquinol for 5 days whenever I went to the CGHS dispensary. I became very weak and would remain tired all day long. There used to be 3 doctors in the dispensary and I did not always go to the same one. When I told the doctor that my problem is 10/11 months old, he prescribed a 20 day course of bitter Chloroquine and then I got OK. Then I learnt that it was Amoebiasis and the infection had entered my liver leading to recurrence.

    But I have no doubt that Enteroquinol used to immediately stop the dysentry.


  4. Great work.. Thanks…

    I request you to share some thoughts on treating Sore Throats, Cold, Cough & Fever without using Antibiotics.. That would be of immense help..

    Again, appreciate you work & quest for knowledge..

    1. Use patanjali’s “Lavangadivati”. It removes throat pain within day. I have stopped taking antibiotic from last 4 years after finding this Rmdevbaba medicine

  5. Too good research made by you, thank you.
    Further I can’t believe you made a whole new site by buying a domain of this medicine name.

  6. Good work. In tropical countries like India (also due to unhygienic living condition) protozoan infection is pervasive. Considering the low price of the drug it should be prescribed.

  7. Excellent work..you have done extensive research withous any bias
    Thanks again for sharing such valuable information

  8. Hi Sir, We have given this tablet to out pet dog on one of the docters suggesstion and it has lost its sight,became deaf,repetative schizophrenia,protuded tongue, We are very much worried about our dog’s health.Some of the doctors in the local area are saying that it wont survive for more than 10 days. Please suggest us the treatment that has to be given.Kindly do the needful.Thanks in advance

    1. I am sorry to hear all this about your beloved pet, but to benefit all the people reading this,
      Please give more details of the situation, how many tablets were you giving and how many times during the day?
      If the eyesight was lost due to Enteroquinol, the research above shows that this can happen with prolonged use and heavy dosage, thus, please provide more information so others don’t make the same mistake.

  9. Whenever I am in trouble with stomach, I take two pills of this tablet. After 12 hours I take just another pill. Generally this is enough to end the story of stomach upset in my case. Reading your article I feel extremely relaxed that the dose I use is far far below the risk area. Thanks for this article sir.

  10. Thanks for information.
    I found this article when i was searching for this medicine, (when this is prescribed to me) and i found it is banned in developed countries.
    I believe that actual reasons of ban are not the side-effects but to market new expensive drugs, whose side-effects are not yet known. And even developed countries companies give new medicine in charity to developing countries like India for trials, which can’t be sold in developed countries and India should also ban such charities.

  11. Thanks for the balanced article. I hope many more such articles about medicines under Indian conditions will be available by different authors.

    However, I do not agree with you on the power of self healing. The body heals itself of wounds etc but invasion by aliens (bacteria and viruses / protozoa) may require intervention in form of antibiotics etc especially in acute cases.

    However, thanks once again for the article.

    1. Hello, Mr. Yash Pal, thanks for your appreciating words for my article, they keep me inspired to help other even more. And about self healing, what you said is true and we cannot say that medicine is completely unnecessary, but our body does have the complete power to heal itself, even from cancer.
      I am just suggesting that, one can take medicines whenever necessary but rather than depending on them, one should also try alternate methods, I have updated the website and mentioned my favorite and most detailed book on this subject, You are the Placebo, by Dr. Joe Dispenza and I urge everyone to please do have a look at it to understand the POWER OF YOUR MIND! :-)

      1. Thanks for useful information. Yes, I agree with you that our body has its own healing power. If someone feels he can heal! Thanks for suggesting book “YOU ARE THE PLACEBO”. Thanks Once again. Nice effort.

  12. I have used Enteroquinol for loose motions for last 20 years. One tablet is enough to stop loose motions. I can feel the effect within minutes. I do not need it some times for months but I always carry it, especially while traveling. This has been the experience of many in my family and friends. I hope this will help others who want to use it.

  13. I really salute your efforts for bringing the real facts about enteroquionol. Do the eneroquinol is safe for the patient suffering from refractory epillepsy or it has any contra indication with any antiepilectic drugs.

  14. Thank you for your insight on the use of this medicine. This will help clear the questions that people may have about this medicine. Thanks again.

  15. Thanks for this useful knowladge
    I am a pharmacist and i was confused about this drug however i have been used this in my childhood about 25 year ago

  16. Sir,

    Could you please recommend an another dose instead of EntroQuinal.

    Why Because we need to control Motions which was happened by Stomach upset

    Thanking you sir,


    A Ravi Krishna

    1. Eldoper (Loperamide) is another drug used to treat diarrhoea. Easily available in India though it is a prescription drug.
      Though the side effects/adverse effects are not as serious as Entero quinol, all allopathic drugs are potentially harmful.

      1. Thanks for this suggestion, I updated my website to mention Loperamide as an alternative and just saw your comment.
        Thanks a lot all the people who are posting positive feedback and are finding my research useful, keeps me inspired to keep helping humanity! Thanks a lot again! :-)

  17. I have been using entro quinol tablets for last 30 years at least once every year 5 days. Every year during summer I get stomach problem no free motion. Will go 3to 4 times little by little. So when I take entroquonol I have free motions. I think this drug is safe

  18. Thanks . It is useful information. As i always use this tablet for precaution whenever anyone suffer from diarrhea in my family.
    Not for longer dose as i usually prefer to consult dr.

  19. Thank you. Entero Quinol has always been a well accepted and relief providing drug in our family but was always taken at the minimum dosage. Recently when I experienced pain in the navel region associated with loose motions I went to consult a doctor and when I shared with him our faith in Entero Quinol he was mad and warned me against the use of this ‘banned’ drug. I informed him that this was definitely banned, but the ban was lifted long ago, of which he said he had no information. I will take out a print of your article and share with him. Thanks again. I am sure many have benefitted from this information.

  20. Its interesting how conveniently this article states loperamide to be an alternative to a quinolone.
    And people are actually believing it as suggested by the comments.
    loperamide an antimotility agent ,meaning it reduces the movement of content through intestines.the longer the content remains in the intestine,the more water is absorbed and hence stool volume and frequency is reduced.
    It does NOT kill the infective agents in case of food poisoning.
    Contrast this with quinolone,which is an antibiotic,kills the infective agents.
    Now consider a situation where loperamide is used instead of food quinolone in food poisoning.
    The infective agent is still inside,nothing is killing it and whatever little would have gone out normally has been reduced because loperamide stopped the motion..
    Another thought with respect to quiniodochlor being safe.
    Granted that it is safe in majority of patients,
    But ask yourself ,are u ready to risk your eyesight for a drug when safer alternatives exist,which is what the doctor prescribes.
    But then,people have more trust on actors who get paid to raise the trps of channels,
    and on practitioners of other systems of medicine who have never read a word of allopathic system but all that they prescribe is allopathic medicines.
    Beware of quacks.

    1. Thanks for the information you shared, this will help individuals even more. I wanted to ask you about any alternatives to Enteroquinol which act in the same way and are safer, like you mentioned, that Doctors prescribe such medicines, could you name a few?
      Even though I understand that people shouldn’t consume medicines on their own, but this is what happens in developing countries like ours, so at least, we can list the safer alternatives which kill the infective agents?

  21. Very informative… thank you for such great information… this tablet is really very very effective and easily available. Neither me nor anyone in my family does any prolonged usage, but every time I have it, I think of that “warning”. Thank you again for suggesting alternative, I will see it too…
    Thank again!

  22. Being a doctor, I strongly condemn the contents of this blog. I openly allege the blog writers and commenters of spreading misinformation among the general public by writing those words. Let me throw some light on diarrhoeas and food poisoning in general.
    Let me begin by saying that diarrhoea and dysentery are two different things. They are not synonymous. Diarrhoea refers to the syndrome of repeated loose stools within a short period, usually more than 3 or 4 times in 24 hours. Dysentery is the term used when there is presence of blood and mucus in the stool.
    Food poisoning is a term used to describe the symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and repeated loose stools along with abdominal symptoms like pain associated with intake of food. This is usually not infective on nature and does NOT require ANY antibiotic treatments (since it is not caused by bacteria themselves but their toxins which are already preformed in unhygienic food). The mainstay of treatment is the prevention of excessive loss of water and electrolyters from the body (known as dehydration) which if left untreated, can cause severe complications like shock, kidney damage or even death.The human body is capable of discharging the toxins usually causing food poisoning all by itself. So , till symptoms subside, the main medicine to be taken is WHO ORS solution ( powder form only). Mix 1 large sachet in 1 litre of boiled and cooled drinking water and consume liberally. Drink at least 1-2 glasses slowly after each loose stool. Symptoms usually subside by themselves. Use of antibiotics and antimotility agents in all cases are not recommended as per guidelines. Contact your nearest doctor/hospital if you have fever, pass blood and/or mucus in stool or feel too giddy and weak. Intravenous saline may be needed in such cases.
    P.S. enteroquinol i.e. quiniodochlor is a banned and obsolete drug which exists in the market only because of the patronization bu a section of unscrupulous people and ill informed patients.

  23. thanks for ur valuable information iam taking this drug since my childhood only when required n still not having any sideffect thank god i m50 now

  24. You need to add to this page that the number one reason why the drug was identified to cause problems largely in Japan and not in other parts of the world (with the exception of China, Korea, and few others) is due to a genetic difference in the metabolism and handling of the drug and its products.

    Genetics account for many of the apparent differences in why drugs are pulled from one country and left in another. For example, here in the US, we use a different set of medications to treat complications in decompensated heart failure for those of African ancestry and those of European ancestry (blacks and whites) due to genetic differences.

    Do a little more research into the genetics portion, in fact, one of the authors you are quoting, Tripathi, has a more recent and better explained section on genetic differences in his book Textbook of Medical Pharmacology 7th edition chapter 5 (early in chapter). If I remember correctly, he even addresses the same topic; however, it is less subjective than what you have written.

  25. I am a practicing Homoeopath for last 50 years & whenever I find a case of Chronic amoebiasis and does not yield to my Homoeo treatment I give a course of 2 Tabs of EQ three times a day for a period of about 8-10 days & it gives me excellent result with regular & normal bowel movements & free of all the abdominal discomfort.
    Only precaution that I suggest is to take the medicine along with some food & not on an empty stomach.

  26. This is very informative article .Its true that Entero Quinol is unsafe if used for long time in high doses,but there is other side to it also.It is not absorbed from GI tract so has no systemic effect whereas most other drugs are absorbed and produce many side affects. I think its best to take 2-3 doses of 2 Tbs once daily-the least harmful treatment for diarrhoea.

  27. Hi, just took 2 ENtero quinol wihin 6 hours, did not help. It usually does, but not this time. I think d upset tummy had something to do wid some infections due to outside food. I took 2 doses of 1 big onion juice each within 4 hrs gap, and im cured now. The effect was instant. All shud try this, specially during severe diarrhea.

  28. Thank you so much for your research and the above information. It is extremely useful to me. Earlier I used to have diarrhoea more often and Enteroquinol had been of great help to me. But thereafter I stopped taking it due to the ban but no other medicine had been that effective. Now I am relieved by your info and can get back to taking Enteroquinol when needed. Thanks again.

  29. Thank you for the information. Can you keep more medicines like this. which the facts not known to so many people.

  30. Good use able info. Medicine to be taken after meal or any time. Can take 2 tabs TDS X 3 days at 75 years of age.? Will it have no side effect.

  31. I have sticky stool problem Doctors says it is IBS. No drug works only entroquinol improves stickyness. if anybody can explain why it is so.

  32. 1) Loperamide is ONLY an anti-diarrheal — it has NO “anti germ” property. It acts on the intestines & stops excretion for a little while.

    2) If your diarrhea is due to germs (amoeba, protozoa, bacteria, etc), Loperamide is of NO use. “Anti germs” tablets like Enteroquinol are way more useful (before ‘full blown’ antibiotic dosage).

    3) People of West Bengal (9 crore) have been consuming regulated doses of Enteroquinol for the last 60 YEARS !! If it were to cause blindness, there would have been a blindness epidemic in WB by now.

  33. What i think that side effects are very very big of quonol medicini.blindness inactive body etc
    When safe alternatives are available and how so ever the medicine is good
    Should be avoided because if one underwent side effects
    That is like end of healthy life

  34. Quinidchlor marketed as Enteroquinol has various usefulness suc as it is Antbacterical,Antifungal,Antidiahoral etc. It is a multipurpose drug .The substitute Loperamide as mentioned by the author of this article is only for gastroentriets and bowel diseases. How ever it cannot replace Entroquinol. The optic nerve neuropahy occurs in long use exceptionall as mentioned on the tablet strip.
    I am not a Medical Doctor but I find Entroquinol which was prescribed long ago to be of high utility.
    The post against the use of Entroquinol by the Authour is confusing.

  35. How can Loperamide be an alternative to Enteroquinol???
    As far as I understand both are different class of drugs.
    Enteroquinol is an antibiotic and Loperamide is a just synthetic opioid. Both have different modes of actions and roles.
    Kindly reply to my e mail.

  36. I suffered rom a very acute attack of bacillary dysentry in summer of 1953. when all treatments failed, three injections [don’t remeber the name] at certain intervals gave me relief. After
    2/3 decades, I developed discomfort in abdomen and pain in descending colon [colitis]. Many courses of Metrogyl,Tinidazole, O2 etc. were given by different Physicians at different intervals
    giving temporary relief. Even Ayurveda, Unani & Homoeopathy could not give me permanent relief. Then I cameto know about
    enteroquinol, which gave me relief without creating bitterr taste
    in my mouth. I take 2/4 tablets a day for 2/3 days & feel comfortable for 3/4 months. I am a case of Chronic amoebiases. I continue with simple normal food with seasonal vegetables, fruits and pulses. I avoid fast foods.

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